without you i'm nothing

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To each and every one of you, I hope for dreams and delight, beauty and blessings, and the strength to strive as we bid goodbye to yesterday and welcome tomorrow.
You're still in my thoughts.
*hugs & kisses*

Randomness attack

1) A half-year old, teething, does not make it easy to watch and/or remember shows/movies. *sigh*

2) I seem to have a distinct preference for myth arc- over MotW-eps. I blame JMS.

3) My urge to write is akin to a fish wanting to breathe on land.

4) 5x06 of Supernatural is giving me a mental whiplash.

5) Mother-in-law has been dreaming up a dolls' house all her own for years, but physically there's preciously little of it in existence, even though the stories of the tenants she has all figured out. But this led to hubs and I figuring that instead of a Christmas present this year, we'd give her a tiny cardboard box filled with suitable sized items and things on each day of December. It's awesome, seeing just how well one can make all that stuff...

6) Hopefully, I'll become a dash more stable once the baby hormones wear off a little.

7) And last but not least: *HUGS* bowtrunckle! Congratulations!

without you i'm nothing

5x04: Reaction

Spoilerfree for everything, and wishing to remain so, still.

Cut due to blathery reaction. Not much thinky.

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*scampers off to bed*
Tomorrow, I shall Take Over the World! see what everyone else thought about this ep. Night, loves. *blows kisses*